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Your resume is the key that unlocks the door to a great job!

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We can’t stress enough how important your resume is. You will most likely be passed on for an opportunity if there are any errors in formatting/spelling/grammar etc. on your resume. Review it on paper several times and ask a friend to check it for you too. You would be surprised by what a set of fresh eyes can find. Make sure the format is consistent; that is, remember to line up dates, check the spacing, use the same style throughout; use proper tabs instead of spacing over, and if you use bullets, make sure they either all have periods at Read the full article…

How social media affects you in your job search and career.


In today’s world, your life may not be as private as you think it is and could be holding you back from a great job. Your social media outlets such as LinkedIn, FaceBook, Blogs, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. can often play a critical role in your job search and career. Your accounts with public profiles should all be professional, especially LinkedIn. It’s best to keep your personal life what it is…personal. Keep a separate FaceBook account for your friends and family and keep your settings private (for your friends only) and make sure your photos/comments/etc on your account are not viewed Read the full article…