Sherri Krow

Sherri-KrowSherri Krow is a professional recruiter with more than 20 years of experience adept at both supporting companies in their search for highly-qualified candidates along with counseling individuals in reaching goals and advancing their careers. She is skilled in building relationships since she understands the diverse needs of both her clients and the individuals. Sherri uses her “matchmaking” expertise to help corporate clients find the best candidate for the position where the culture fit is a win-win for all.

Whether uncovering talent or guiding someone through a transition, Sherri has continuously ranked within the highest performers for the industry with her savvy experience helping candidates find positions that are set up for success. Specifically, she placed in the top 5 recruiters out of 3,500 peers across the nation within the Snelling & Snelling franchise system. For more than 20 years, she consistently ranked as their top producer.

Committed to obtaining real results for her candidates, Sherri provides them with the opportunity to hear about unadvertised and promising positions. She starts with a thorough intake and then markets candidates aggressively within those specs. Sherri’s strongest skills include simply listening and asking the right questions. Consequently, she is able to match an individual’s knowledge, skills, and ability to the corporate culture that sets everyone up for success including advising everyone on the practical relevance of their requests. Additionally, she provides expert career coaching. She works primarily on a referral basis and over the years has cultivated a large and impressive network.