Kim Dali

Kim-DaliKim is a professional recruiter with 15 years of experience in the field. She prides herself on her strong work ethics and on her distinct “matchmaking” ability in filling most positions in the first round of candidates. Kim goes beyond finding candidates that are simply well qualified as far as skill-set and experience, she takes into consideration the office culture and intangible assets that make for the perfect match for her clients and candidates to ensure a long-lasting, successful placement.

Since 1999 she has had her own firm specializing in administrative placement. Prior to this venture she gained invaluable personal experience as an executive assistant and office manager for several venture capital firms, biotech and start-up companies. This firsthand experience has provided her a unique, fundamental and very powerful perspective of what her clients require in a successful executive assistant. She has applied the same outlook and understands the time constraints of her clients and their desire to resolve personnel issues quickly. She has successfully placed over 600 candidates for numerous Executives in the Bay Area and San Diego with a near perfect fulfillment rate. She has developed an excellent reputation amongst venture capital firms in particular for finding and placing top-notch talent for them and their portfolio companies (startups).

As an active, visible and credible professional in the Silicon Valley administrative community with over 14, 000 contacts, Kim’s commitment to her work and her extensive knowledge ensure the best results for her clients and candidates. Since 2005, she has also been a recommended vendor and sponsor of VCOMA (Venture Capital Office Managers Association).

Kim is a native of California and when she is not working as a professional “matchmaker” she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. There is nothing she likes better than to help others and match the right people to the right job for a long-term fit.