Corporate Matchmaker

What is a “Corporate Matchmaker”?

Dali and Krow Staffing - Corperate Career Match MakersAs Corporate Matchmakers we specialize in selecting the right match when it comes to career opportunities for both clients and candidates. We take the time needed to thoroughly understand the needs of our clients beyond a job description, and what our candidates are seeking beyond just finding a job to full-fill their financial needs. We find out what exactly each party is seeking to make an ideal long-term fit taking into consideration strengths, personal goals, skill-set, intangible attributes and cultural fit.

With over 40 years of combined experience, we have the unique ability to match the perfect candidate with the perfect employer creating professional relationships that will last. Whether you are a candidate hunting for your dream job or a company looking for the perfect match to fill your critical position, we can make it happen for you. We help make your professional dreams come true.